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With removable braces, we can optimally prepare the upper and lower jaw as well as the jaw growth in children for further orthodontic treatment and thus significantly shorten the subsequent treatment time with fixed braces. These are custom-made braces made of plastic. Individual teeth can be moved using integrated screws and springs.  Since pronunciation deteriorates as a result of these devices, adults usually only wear them at night and in the evening hours. Therefore, only slight misaligned teeth in the front can be corrected.



The activator is the most well-known treatment appliance in functional orthodontics. Activators are used to treat bite anomalies in the growth phase, primarily lower jaw receding with or without a deep bite. This detachable device consists of one piece that encloses both jaws and is worn mainly at night (approx. 12 hours per day). The teeth are positively influenced by skillfully redirecting the muscle forces, the relationship between the upper and lower jaw is improved and the deep bite is corrected by appropriate grinding.



Active plates are removable braces that can be used during the growth phase to influence jaw growth and correct certain misaligned teeth.

What is an active tray?

An active plate is a removable orthodontic treatment appliance consisting of a custom plastic base and is held to the teeth with specialwire hooks. The active plate acts on the teeth or jaw by sustained pressure from adjustment screws, wire springs or coils. The screws are activated by the patient himself or herself, or his(her) parents, at individually specified time intervals.

What is an removable appliance for?

With the help of this appliances, sufficient space can be created for permanent teeth to erupt. By activating specially installed screws, the upper jaw can be slowly widened if it is too narrow for the lower jaw. If teeth have moved forward or tilted forward, they can also be straightened. Malpositions of single tooh or groups of teeth can also be corrected using active elements such as springs or coils. Malfunctions of the tongue and soft tissue can be treated with additional  tongue grid or shield.

How long does it have to be worn?

It should be worn as much as possible, but at least 12 hours a day.

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