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misaligned teeth



We bill our services on the basis of the SSO tariff Dentotar® with the multiplier 1.00, for adults and children. Orthodontic treatments usually take more than one year. After a comprehensive discussion with you and after we have received the results and evaluations of the orthodontic examination, you will receive our detailed cost estimate. This will include a transparent and comprehensible list of all the costs that are likely to be incurred. In this way, a successful treatment can also be planned well for you financially.


The first examination and consultation costs CHF 200. 

This is followed by a session with further examinations, which costs approx. 1200.-. This includes an expert orthodontic examination, photos, x-rays, scans and a detailed consultation.


Outside services (laboratory costs of the dental technician) and special materials / medications are shown and charged separately.



Additional information:


Cost estimate
The cost estimate for orthodontic treatment is based on the Swiss dental tariff according to SSO as of 1.1.2018. If, in order to achieve the desired result, the
treatment costs exceed the cost estimate by more than 15%, the present cost estimate will be supplemented by an
will be adjusted by means of an addendum after prior orientation.
Occasional misestimates of the treatment costs are usually due to unforeseeable events in the development of the dentition
development of the dentition or atypical treatment reactions.
Additional expenditure must also always be expected if the patient's cooperation is inadequate.


Missed sessions and sessions not cancelled in time (up to 24 hours before the appointment) as well as lost appliances
may be charged additionally.
In the event of premature termination of treatment, the services rendered will be charged individually on the basis of the dental tariff and
the difference to the payments already made will be invoiced or refunded.

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