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The most discreet braces in the world - invisible from the outside

Female patient showing her invisible lingual braces braces on dental mirror.jpg

Lingual braces are only attached to the inner tooth surfaces. This is why lingual braces are completely invisible from the outside, in contrast to transparent splints, the so-called aligners.

Lingual braces:  Advantages over conventional methods

The main advantage and often the main reason for choosing lingual braces is that they are attached to the inside of the tooth and are therefore not noticed by other people. 

left in the form of white spots on the outside of the teeth. The resistance to caries and substance loss is slightly higher on the inside of the teeth because more saliva flows here.

No restrictions on lingualtechink treatment

Lingual braces enable the treatment of all tooth misalignments with excellent results. There are no technical restrictions. With regard to wearing comfort, there is only a slight increase in acclimatization during the adaptation phase of a few weeks

compared to conventional braces. But after this phase there are no significant problems with the lingual braces.

What do I have to imagine by lingual braces?

Lingual braces are appliances that consist of brackets and an archwire. Unlike conventional braces, the brackets are attached behind the rows of teeth, through which the archwire is pulled.

The WIN-System™, also developed by the Incognito™ inventor. Compared to Incognito™, the WIN brackets are not designed digitally, but they are also individualized. In addition, their steel alloy does not contain gold, so they are less expensive.   The WIN appliance is the most commonly used lingual braces worldwide.

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