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F I X E D   B R A C E S


For gentle orthodontics that look like little jewels


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Fixed braces with metal brackets on the outside of the teeth gradually correct the position of the teeth. We use especially small and flat metal brackets from the Speedsystem.
SPEED Braces have eliminated the need for elastic ligatures that traditional brackets rely on to straighten teeth. This makes our fixed braces comfortable to wear and easy to clean.



Clear ceramic brackets are less noticeable. A fixed brace with ceramic brackets offers high wearing comfort and blends in with the natural tooth color due to the white ceramic material. This makes this type of fixed braces particularly inconspicuous and very appealing in terms of dental aesthetics. Patients usually feel more comfortable with white brackets because they show the natural beauty of your teeth rather than the shine of silver-colored metal. The inconspicuous, translucent brackets match the natural color of the teeth by letting them shine through.

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