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Specialist in orthodontics

since Dec 2022

Orthoboutique  Praxis für Kieferorthopädie

Specialist in Orthodontics  / Owner

since Oct 2012

Lakeside Orthodontics, Wädenswil (ZH)

Specialist in Orthodontics

May 2018-Oct 2022

Orthodental Practice Nussbaumen, Dr. Spicher, Obersiggenthal AG

Specialist in Orthodontics

May 2012-
Jan 2014

Budgetdent, Zurich

Children and Adults General dentistry


Group practice Roberta Scott, Zurich -Oerlikon

pediatric dentistry

Feb 2010-
Oct 2011

Dental practice Les Moussaillons & La Petite Réserve, Dr. Puymérail Christophe, Echallent (VD)

Dental practice for children and adults

-Comprehensive treatment of children, laser treatments, nitrous oxide (MEOPA)

-Emergency service


Dental practice Rezki-Sehili Meriem, Strasbourg (F)

general dentist

-General dental treatment

- Supervision of a trainee dental assistant


University Hospital Strasbourg Department of Orthodontics, Pr. Bacon William (F)

assistant dentist

-Insight into the work processes in a dental clinic

-Support practicing dentists

-Supporting the students in preparing their thesis (literature research, wire bending technique, cephalographic analysis

Aug 2004
Aug 2005

Center Médico-Dentaire, Dr. Albhorn,  Luxembourg (L)

Group practice of freelance dentists from various fields

-Dental assistant


Sep 2020

Specialized in orthodontics, Council of the Order of Surgeons-Dentistes, PARIS (F)


WIN certification


Invisalign certification

Oct 2011-
Oct 2014

Diplôme d'Orthopédie dento-cranio-maxillio-faciale

Advanced training in orthodontics

Dental Service, Hôpital Pitié-Salpétrière, PARIS (F)

Feb 2010

Certificat d'Enseignement Supérieure d'Orthopödie Dento-Facial

Certificate of completion of postgraduate studies in the field of orthodontics

Dental Faculty of Lyon (F)

Oct 2011-
Oct 2014

Certificat d'Enseignement Supérieure de Technologie des Materials Employés en Art Dentaire

Certificate of completion of postgraduate studies in the field of technology of dental technical materials

Dental Faculty of Nancy (F)

July 2008

Introduction to the Edgewise technique

Introduction to the orthodontic wire bending technique and cephalometric recordings

Association Parisienne d'Edgewise, Paris (F)

June 2008

These d'Etat de Doctor en Surgery Dentaire

Thesis and obtaining the title of Doctor, diploma entitling to practice dentistry Dental School Nancy, (F)

Nov 2006-
Oct 2009

Nancy University Hospital, Dr. Archien Claude, Nancy (F)

May 2008-
Oct 2009

Dentistry Department, Dr. Archien Claude

Department of Pediatric Dentistry Dr. Prevost Jacques

Department of Orthodontics Pr. Filleul Marie-Pierryle

-Comprehensive prosthetic rehabilitation 

-Treatment of hospital patients, outpatients and disabled patients

- Participation in national clinical studies (genetic caries susceptibility, seals, wisdom teeth

Nov 2007-
Apr 2008

Dental Department of BelAir Hospital, Dr. Anastasio Daniel, Thionville (F)

-Emergency service (nightly on-call duty)

-Treatment of hospital patients and outpatients requiring inpatient observation

-Work in the operating theater (general anesthesia, neuraleptanalgesia, analgosedation)


May 2007
Oct 2007

Dentistry department of the Center Alexis Vautrin, Dr. François Maire, Vandoeuvre (F)

-Treatment of cancer patients, especially patients with oral cavity cancer, fluoridation

-Prosthetic care

- Participation in interdisciplinary meetings

Nov 2006-
April 2007

Dentistry Department of the Hospital of Bonsecours, Dr. Gerard Eric, Metz (F)

Feb 2007

Attestation de formation à la radioprotection des patients exposés aux rayonnements ionisants

Certificate of training in the field of radiation protection for patients exposed to ionizing radiation

Faculty of Dentistry, Nancy (F)

June 2006

Reçue au Concours National de l'Internat en Odontologie

Admission to the national selection procedure for assistant dentists in the field of dentistry

Dental School Nancy, (F)

Sep 2006

Maîtrise des Sciences Biologgiques et Médicales

Masters in Biosciences and Medical Sciences

Faculty of Medicine Nancy (F)

June 2001

Baccalauréat Scientifique S, 

High graduation, specialization mathematics

Lycée Alfred Mézières, Longwy (F)

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